Loan Consolidation

Get rid of payday loan debt -Payday loan consolidation

There are several people with financial problems. No matter the motives. It is interesting that for a long time we have made credits to satisfy short, medium and long term needs. When we contracted the credits we did not anticipate a crisis like the current one. Unfortunately, times have changed and you need to find solutions to reduce benefits. Today we will talk about one of the most well-known solutions: the payday loan consolidation.


Payday loan consolidation allows reducing the interest rate of your loans

You can put all the payday loans together into one. We at call this tool payday loan consolidation.

By consolidating credits, we are joining short, medium and long-term debt only in a contract. We speak of credit card debt, consumer credit, and even automobile credit. As a rule, these various loans have very high-interest rates and short deadlines.

The consolidation of credits may be even more interesting if it is supported by the mortgage of a property. In this case, interest rates easily fall from 20% to 3% -5%. This tool is very interesting and can save you lots of money every month.

If you use the consolidated loan without a mortgage, you can benefit from savings of between 20% -40%. Being inferior, they are saving that for many families can be the difference between paying or not paying the diverse credits. For example, at Lady Macbeth we have saved an average of over € 300 a month from our customers. Of course, we speak of an average so in some cases we save more and in others less. It’s all a matter of analyzing your case.


Increase the Term of Your Credits with the Consolidation of Credits

Increase the Term of Your Credits with the Consolidation of Credits

Although it is an option that can increase the overall burden with interest, we all agree that consolidating credits with the aim of reducing the burden finds in the extension of the term a great ally. Thus, if you join all the credits in a single with a higher term will increase the number of benefits and immediately reduces their performance.


Consolidated Credit Enables Reinvestment of Your Savings

Consolidated Credit Enables Reinvestment of Your Savings

This is the great advantage of consolidating loans since consolidating will benefit from monthly savings that can be reinvested in the amortization of your consolidated credit.

Let’s see. Consider that you can only afford monthly fee of € 650 with your credits. However, your housing credit along with credit card debt, consumer credit and auto credit amount to 800 euros.

It resorts to credit consolidation and obtains through the interest rate and the extension of the term a total of € 520. The difference between € 650 and € 520 can be applied to a savings account with total liquidity to at the end of each year make an additional amortization of € 1,800 on your consolidated credit.

This way you will pay off your consolidated credit more quickly, enjoy interest savings and still live more financially free. You will have the freedom to do what you want with your money. You can spend (we do not recommend), you can write off credits (the ideal) and you can guarantee that you can live with the necessary time to devote to other, more important matters.


How to Find the Best Credit Consolidation?

There are several alternatives to simulate credit consolidation. Lady Macbeth’s consolidated credit simulation is enhanced if you get a professional follow up that takes care of all aspects of your financial life. The best thing is that this advice does not need to travel or have an associated cost. Lady Macbeth and her partners offer financial diagnosis queries by simply contacting one of our consultants.