What is a Free or Interest-Free Credit



Credit without interest is a service offered by credit institutions, where you, as debtor, can get your first loan completely free of charge, paying as much money as you borrowed. This type of loan is popular among all the fast loan companies, and we as their clients can use this opportunity to borrow money by giving just as much borrowed and no penny more.

Why do creditors offer interest-free loans?


Since 2007, the issuers of fast loans have multiplied and now there are dozens of them in the Latvian market, which make them more aggressive in fighting, attracting us as clients and they come up with a wide range of promotions and bonuses that we can then use. It is the interest-free loan that is one of the most desirable additions that lenders were forced to introduce, and users can now receive interest-free loans from almost all non-bank credit institutions, thus not overpaying the money borrowings. Credit institutions can maintain such a model because they hope that you will also take your next credit directly to them, but if you really need another loan, after the first repayment, it is better to take it to another creditor and get it again for free, as usually Repeated credits are already at least 10% and you will have to repay 220 Lats when you borrow 200 lats, which means you will lose 20 Lats!

Why choose an interest-free loan?


Interest-free loans are an easy way to get extra money up to the next salary, or an easy way to expand your wallet if you’re in trouble, or want to buy a product or service right now and now! If you are in such a situation, why not use such a service, where you will not have to overpay for this amount of money and will be able to repay the creditor just as much as you received? This type of credit is exactly the same as borrowing money from a well-known person, because they usually do not require interest payments, but in the case of outstanding debt, the relationship may be ruined and this lender will probably ask you exactly what you need this money for. But if you borrow interest-free credit with sms or on the internet with one of the fast creditors, you won’t have to pay any penny, but if you miss the repayment deadline, you will have to pay some lats instead of explaining to your private lender why you did not give money in time. And the last advantage of receiving an interest-free loan is that creditors will not ask you who you need this money for and you can use it as you wish without deducting any of your purchases!


Negative Interest Rate or Less Than Borrowed?

Negative Interest Rate or Less Than Borrowed?

This is a new trend for fast creditors to attract new customers to any Latvian citizen simply by making money. This aggressive method of attracting customers is designed to allow borrowers to stay true to their customers and bring profits to the company over multiple loans, and recover the funds they have initially spent, less than they borrowed in a loan. But why not use this service to just earn 5% of the amount you borrowed?

There really are no tricks here or hidden conditions, you have to borrow money from a creditor who offers such a share and you have to give up 5% less amount and you can keep it for free for 5%! This means that if you borrow 100 lats (which is the highest limit) you will be able to return only 95 Lats and get 5 altoes for free!

How do I get a free or negative interest loan?

All you need to get an interest free or first loan free of charge is to choose the most appropriate creditor and go to its website, register and get the most advantageous loan!